Trevin “Suit Guy” Gatto Q&A

October 14, 2019

What makes you want to wear a suit everyday? 

“So, last year, I had to wear a suit one day for a Spanish project; I was Juan Gabriel. So, I wore a green suit jacket, and one of the seniors who’s in theater saw me and he wore a suit everyday. His name is Ryan, and he told me that I should wear a suit everyday to carry on the legacy. So here I am.”

How do you go wearing your suit the whole year?

“Well, it’s kind of hard. Some days, you just don’t want to. This school is really cold, and it’s kind of nice to have multiple layers of shirts and stuff, so I’m never cold. It’s just when I go outside; it’s hot.”

I know you started wearing the suits at the beginning of last year–  freshman year. Do you think you’re going to wear them throughout all of high school or are you going to stop?

“Well, I’m going to try to wear them as much as possible. I need to wear them through junior year, at the least, but I’m going to try to wear them as much as possible.”

What are some of the reactions you’ve received about your suits?

“Mostly, the teachers are just confused. The first day or two they’re like ‘okay, okay’, and then it’s like ‘why are you wearing a suit?’. Most of the time it’s people wearing a suit, or sometimes you hear people in the hallway who are like ‘Oh, that kid is the kid who always wears a suit. He’s weird.’ Stuff like that. But, it’s kind of fun. I mean, I enjoy it.”

Is there a specific reaction that stuck out to you?

“Not really, it’s all generally the same. Nobody’s given me a round of applause yet, so, I’m just waiting for that.”

What did your family say when you told them that you would wear suits everyday?

“They said, ‘Okay, makes sense’. They really weren’t that shocked, which didn’t really surprise me. I guess they sort of expected something like that out of me.”

Do you think that wearing suits everyday says something about you?

“Yeah. I guess it shows my personality–  that I’m willing to do that, I guess, and that I like to be different.”

When it’s hot outside, how do you deal with wearing a suit?

“Most days, I stay after school for theater, and then I have to change out of the suit. So, I get into more reputable clothes. So, it’s not as bad. But the days I walk home from school, and I think ‘Ooh, it’s way too hot outside!’, I tend to walk faster.”

Do you have specific suits that you wear for certain occasions?

“Not really, but whenever I need a really fancy suit, I tend to dress more on the darker side–  more all black or blue. Then I, of course I have my favorite suit, which is a baby blue suit with walruses on the tie. It’s completely baby blue–  the pants, the jacket, and the tie are baby blue. The shirt underneath– I usually wear white with it.”

How much do your suits tend to cost?

“Most of them, honestly, are pretty cheap. I try to find the cheaper suits, but that aren’t made out of polyester. So, most of them are 20 to 30 dollars. The suit I wore yesterday–  it was an American flag suit. That one was 10 bucks at JCPenney.”

Have you bought more suits since last (school) year?

“Yes. Like the baby blue one that I got for my birthday, and my parents gave it to me. The American flag one– I just got recently, and I had to get a new black one so it actually fit.”

Today is the sports team spirit day, and I noticed you aren’t wearing a suit. Why is that?

“Because today, I wanted to show my school pride. I’m wearing an Astros jersey, and the Astros are my favorite baseball team–  my favorite sports team in general. So, I wanted to wear it.”

When people see you out of school, and you’re not wearing a suit, what do they say?

“Usually, they say, ‘Dude! Put on some clothes! You look naked!’, or something like that. It’s usually mixed responses, but mostly a little shocked.”