Fenty Beauty Review

November 13, 2019

Rihanna launched her own makeup line called “Fenty beauty,” on September 2017. Her goal was to “Create a collection that was inclusive of all skin types and undertones.”

If you are a makeup fan I highly suggest trying Fenty Beauty. Unlike other brands that don’t offer a variety of foundations, she offers over 40 different shades from the fairest skin tone to the darkest. Not only does she offer a variety of foundation colors but she has over 40+ shades of concealer.

Fenty has 3 lip glosses and one of them is a universal lip gloss, which means it looks great on anyone. If you can’t find a lip gloss that fits you, I recommend you try that one. Some makeup companies have lip gloss that leaves white residue on your lips, sometimes it’s too sticky, and other times it doesn’t last long, but Fenty beauty lip glosses are perfect! It’s not too thick but it moisturizes your lips very well, and you don’t have to keep reapplying coats on. One application can last you for at least 2 hours. 

Fenty beauty is always consistent with coming out with new releases! Recently they came out with a new collection that includes a package with 5 miniature lip glosses. If you are not a lip gloss fan don’t worry! Fenty also carries lip balm, lipstick, and lip paint. Fenty’s lipstick colors are very unique; they have some that are matte and some that are metallic. 

The brand is also well known for their amazing highlighters. The highlighters are very pigmented just like the eye shadows. There is a gold pigmented highlighter, a silver one, a rose gold one, and the newest release is the diamond shine. Fenty also has a set of brushes that you can apply it with. One of her brushes comes travel sized so you can take it on the go. Her makeup brushes apply makeup evenly, as well as her beauty blender. If you get oily during the day, there are oil blotting sheets and paper refills when you run out.

Fenty also carries body products such as 3 body lavas; it’s almost lotion-like but it leaves your skin shimmery. They have 2 fairy bombs that you can apply on your skin to leave your skin glistening. One of her new releases includes a diamond roller ball.

Fenty might be a little pricey but it costs less than high end makeup brands and it is safe for acne-prone skin. Personally, Fenty Beauty is my favorite makeup brand- the makeup has quality that can last you for a long time. Fenty focuses on appealing to everyone, so find something that fits you, even if it’s just trying the body products.