Wildfires Ravage Australia

January 15, 2020

Australia has been suffering bushfires that have burned multiple wildlife habitats and burned down entire forests. The raging flames have consumed all in their path, leaving animals and plant life with hefty losses of life, making many fear that certain exclusive species in Australia may go extinct. Officials say that well over a billion animals have died and many organizations have come to help save as much of the wildlife as possible. These fires have ravaged Australia for some time, claiming more and more for it’s fuel. A long drought and extremely high heat season don’t make a good combo with drought and heavy winds to help the fire spread, it’s a formula for disaster, and thus disaster has struck. 18 million acres and counting have burned in Australia so far, claiming homes, habitats, animals, forcing people to evacuate and lose everything they had to this natural disaster.

Animals Affected By The Bushfires

Multiple different species have been suffering heavy population losses, but these species are at the most risk. The Glossy-Black Kangaroo, Kangaroo Island Dunnart, Koalas, Hastings River Mouse, Regent Honeyeater, Blue Mountain Water Skink, Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby, Southern Corroboree Frog, Quokka, and other animals are in extreme danger and require extensive care to save. Even if the fires don’t get to them first then the trees and bushes which they can hide in are no more, leaving them in the open against their natural predators. The losses that the animals have been enduring are some that they may not recover from, making it even scarier that they’re taking these losses in the first place.

What Are People Doing To Help

Many have volunteered and gone to help the people that have lost in the fires, as well as helping the many animals that have nowhere to go and nothing to eat as it has all been burned. One way people have helped is taking planes and helicopters to drop food to the animals down below, providing many food-less animals with what they need to survive. Many organizations and volunteers have made their way to Australia to aid the people in need, as healthcare can be stagnant with how many require medical attention on such short notice.

How Can I Help?

Organizations such as Australian Red Cross and Salvation Army Australia say the best way you can help is via money donations to help them pay for everything they need to help. Donations have been the number one way to help, as many around the globe such as youtubers, streamers, and celebrities have made their own donations helping in the only way they can from across the world. If you have money to spare with a heart of hearts your donation could help a family get back what they lost. Spread the word and try to get as many as you can notified of this disaster so they too may help those in need.