Mr. Mustang 2020

January 16, 2020

This past Friday, 13 seniors competed in the annual Mr. Mustang. Hosted by the Cy-Ranch Classics and Theater Department, the contestants participated in events such as swimwear, talent, evening wear, interviews, as well as a dance number to start off the show.


Out of all the contestants, Josh Nguyen was chosen as Mr. Mustang 2020.


How does it feel to be the new Mr. Mustang?

“It’s nice,” Nguyen says. “I mean, it’s just the title. It’s nice to be Mr. Mustang. I thought it was just a lot of fun like that night and I mean, the title is nice but at the end of the day it was more of the experience that made it great for me.”


What was your favorite part of preparing?

“My favorite part about preparing was the first time we got to see everybody’s swimwear and everybody’s talents and stuff. And it was a lot of fun because we get to just, like, enjoy each other’s things that we’ve been working on but we didn’t know what we were doing. So, it was just fun seeing that all come together because then we just saw everybody’s hard work.”


What would you say to a junior who wants to do it next year?

“I would just tell them to get creative. Have fun, just do something that you would love to do and honestly just enjoy it, because it’s like, it’s such a short amount of time and you don’t usually get to hang out with this group of guys and girls all the time. So, just like enjoy the week while you have it and just have a fun time and then see what happens.”


Colin McGarity received the title of 1st Runner Up.


How was preparing for the show? Was it stressful?

“Well, that’s probably the best part of it is the week you get to spend preparing for it, because a lot goes on and some of the people there have been doing stuff like that for a long time and some people, it’s their first time doing anything like that on stage. And so, it’s just, it’s cool, getting to see it all come together, and it’s stressful, but there’s a lot of fun in that,” McGarity says.


What was your favorite part of preparing?

“I think it was just like rehearsing the dances and stuff and learning that with everybody together. Yeah, preparing with everybody there was good.”

What would you say to a junior who wants to do it next year?

“Oh, go for it. Like, don’t be concerned about likie, just, just go ahead and sign up and do it. Find a partner, it’s tons of fun and when you do it you just put yourself out there. Yeah, and make sure you’re having fun.”


Picked by the audience, Josh Clewis was tied for the title of Best Biceps.


How does it feel to be chosen for Best Biceps?

“I don’t know; It was really unexpected. Like, I didn’t expect to get that one out of all of them, but I’m happy about it.”


How was preparing for the show? Was it stressful?

“It was stressful, but it was also super fun getting to meet all these guys that I had classes with before, and just getting all the technical elements together. Because that’s what I’m focused on, I do stage management and all that stuff for theater. So, getting all the tech elements together without me being there was kind of hard to watch but it all came together pretty well. If I could change anything from my performance, for my talent, I would want to get a fifth boy band member, because I feel like the five makes the difference. And then, also, I think, maybe gone a little further on swimwear.”


In your opinion, what was the best talent?

“I really enjoyed Pitch Perfect, because I love Josh Nguyen. I also really enjoyed Phillip Whaley and Brandon’s live instrument one, that was really really cool. So between those two, I can’t pick a favorite.”


What would you say to a junior who wants to do it next year?

“They should do it. It’s fun. You get to make a fool out of yourself, but at the same time it’s fun. And you get to meet all these people that you had classes with them and see them in the hallways, but you’ve never talked to.”


Best Biceps: Josh Clewis and Josh Sowell

Best Eyes: Logan Burns

Formal Wear Winner: Josh Nguyen

Swimwear Winner: Rodrigo Zelaya

Mr. Congeniality: Phillip Whaley

Top 5: Colin McGarity, Josh Nguyen, Andrew Reid, Logan Burns, and Phillip Whaley

2nd Runner Up: Phillip Whaley

1st Runner Up: Colin McGarity

Mr. Mustang: Josh Nguyen