Cy Ranch Installs Art Exhibit Around School

February 26, 2020

On Monday, the Cypress Ranch Art Department displayed a large collection of artwork, filling the blank halls throughout campus with in-house talent. The stunning, aesthetic exhibition is a mix of pieces from photography, digital media, sculpture, and painting and drawing. Ranch’s art faculty carefully planned the showing for weeks and explained the meaning of the exhibition. “The purpose is that kids get to see how their work looks when it enlarges. It teaches them to curate a show, hang a show, and take pride in all of that and knowing the entire school is going to witness these photographs,” head of the visual arts program, Mr. Neumann said. “We have the best art department in the district and we want to show it off.”

But one might wonder how these specific artworks are chosen. The process starts with an art teacher determining which pieces to select from their creative students. “The art faculty let the students know about the show and allowed them to submit work for it if they chose to. The teachers then decided on the final work to be displayed,” sculpture teacher, Mr. Clark said. A variety of works are considered and countless different art styles are shown for the final display out in the hallways.

It’s important people witness the elements and messages art has, as well as its intricate process. That’s why the art department intends for them to stay up a lengthy time in the hallways, “The current plan is for the show to be up until at least spring break, but it is possible some work may remain up longer,” Clark clarifies.