Student Council Election Winners

March 5, 2020

For the past couple of weeks, many students from Student Council have been campaigning for various positions within Student Council. Elections were held on Tuesday, March 3, with astounding results.

Executive President

Saima Alarcon – Winner

Grace Jester


Executive Vice President

Ashley Buss

John Huynh

Hope Vanderburg – Winner

Gracin Ray

Skylar Banks


Executive Secretary

Vanessa Dang – Winner

Alyssa Ormeno

Raeanne Hyman


Executive Social Chair

Dominique Francis – Winner

Gabriel Bizi

Sydney St. Fleur


Senior Class President

Sydnee Simmons – Winner


Senior Vice President

Faith Bombito – Winner


Junior Class President

Andrew Ochoa – Winner

Emma Schiller


Junior ViceĀ President

Mallory Malonson – Winner


Sophomore Class President

Makenzie Woolridge

Mihir Bhatia – Winner


Sophomore Vice President

Madison Truong – Winner

Ava Truan

Aiden Shirley

Alyssa Tran