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Covid-19 Effect on Seniors and Teachers

April 13, 2020

Due to Covid-19, the virus that has now left the US with over 500,000+ reported cases and Texas with over 10,000+, CFISD and other school districts in the Houston area have cancelled in-person classes until May 4th. This has effected students and staff tremendously due to the uncertainty of this situation. Prom has already been cancelled which has left Seniors in despair and teachers are still working to figure out the new grading system that will begin on April 13th.

This is what teachers think of the situation:

“My boys, Bryce & Wyatt, both described the situation as ‘unfortunate.’ They have girlfriends and were looking forward to having a good time at the prom. Both are involved in varsity sports (soccer & water polo) that were interrupted. Bryce & Wyatt want to compete in the playoffs during their senior year but realize that following the advice of health officials and scientists is more important than the outcome of a sporting event. They are disappointed but realize this is a short-term situation that they can handle with a positive approach,” Mr. Fredrickson said.

“I am getting many emails from Lone Star College, CFISD, and Cypress Ranch High School. I have received plenty of advice on how I can continue to educate the Mustangs online. This is a new situation for us and many people have been involved with making this Learn at Home program operate as smooth as possible. I have tried to stay patient and absorb as much advice as I can tolerate. The Mustangs have let me know what is working and when they need more assistance.” Mr Fredrickson said.

“My students and I are quite uneasy about what the end of the school year will look like.  This is because it is not only unexpected, but it is never before experienced by anyone. I teach junior and seniors, and the grade levels feel differently about the experience. My seniors are upset about missing out on the events they have look forward to their entire high school career: prom, senior skip days, graduation, etc.  These events mark completions of milestones in their lives.  Without these events, there is a void and a feeling that the milestone was never achieved. My juniors have now missed their ACTs that they have prepared for, they are missing a fourth grading period that will impact their GPA which in turn can impact if they are accept to their college of choice. We have one set of instructions from Lone Star and a separate set from CFISD.  It is a lot to juggle the load and to understand how the students must complete college at home this semester.  It is currently a very stressful time and the coming weeks will be a challenge for my students,” Mrs. Kethley said.

“As a teacher, I am preparing for changes every day.  I attend multiple virtual meetings to learn my new instructions. I am rewriting curriculum for multiple classes, becoming certified in the Lone Star online teaching platform, creating simplified assignments than what I had previously intended for my students, and learning Edgenuity curriculum so I can teach my senior K level students.  I am checking in with each of my students and parents every single week to make sure everyone has the technology and internet they will need to be successful in their school assignments. I am working to stay atop of the many instructions and conform myself and my material to the requirements both with CFISD and Lone Star College,” Mrs. Kethley said.

This is what seniors think of the situation:

“I hate COVID-19!! It’s literally taking away so many memories & everything that makes senior year fun. We don’t get a prom, we don’t get a proper graduation, and we never said goodbye!!” Suha Akhund said.

“It’s awful, bawled because Prom was cancelled and we’ve been waiting four years to go,” Sarah Golsch says.

“We may not get a chance to say goodbye to underclassmen, teachers or even other seniors,” Nikki Villarreal says.

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