Cheerleaders Host Virtual and In-person Spirit Week

September 21, 2020

From September 21st to 25th, mustangs are participating in the school’s very first virtual and in person spirit week. The covid-19 pandemic has made the school year quite different, but this isn’t affecting the cheerleader’s determination to still show school spirit!

“We chose to organize spirit week this week to help bring some positivity to this school. With covid-19 there’s a lot of negativity in the world and we are trying to make school a place to escape. We also want to get our peers into the school spirit, we can tell that we aren’t very active in celebrating our teams compared to other schools and want to bring the same opportunities to our athletes and students at ranch. We are really striving for change this year on the cheer team and we are hoping the school is soon to follow,” Sophomore Grace Marks says.

Each day of the week, the themes are as followed:

Monday- college day

Tuesday- tie dye

Wednesday- wild out

Thursday- rock and roll

Friday- white out

The idea of spirit week was completely planned and organized by the cheerleaders themselves, which makes it even more of a unique event.

“Grace Marks came up with the idea of doing a dress up week for the first football game so we have more involvement with school spirit and then the rest of the team helped picking out the themes for the week,” Senior Ryann Young says.

The cheerleaders thought of themes that haven’t already been used for red ribbon week or hoco week and then picked themes students would enjoy. The themes do have to be approved by Mr. Satchel to make sure it is appropriate for school.

“We chose our themes based on what we thought the student body would participate in and what they would think is fun. Without that then spirit week would’ve been a waste,” Sophomore Grace Mark says.

During this time, it is important for students to still feel involved in school and look forward to the football games regardless of the obstacles that are facing the school currently.

“It gets people excited and it’s something fun for school instead of the same routine everyday,” Senior Ryann Young says.

Spirit week is important to bring the school together as one and make students feel at home and still be hyped for the football game, just as students would have been before the pandemic hit us.

“I definitely think having spirit week is important to bring the school together as one. Not only to celebrate a game or an event, but to celebrate the students and making it a fun learning environment for us,” Sophomore Grace Marks says.