Keeping the Halloween Spirit Going and Safe!

October 30, 2020

Halloween is right around the corner, this year will be one to remember! This Halloween will be unique and like no other, usually there are big crowds, but due to the corona-virus still being here lots of things will change or will be altered. Crowds got smaller, less people are going out in public, and more people are staying in their houses distanced from people. Luckily there are some things to still keep the Halloween spirit going, you can be festive and safe at the same time! 

Halloween is certainly still going on, as themed candies are hitting grocery store shelves and costumes are being bought. While this pandemic is still happening, we must be cautious and safe when we celebrate holidays like Halloween, which specializes in door-to-door contact. So, how should we celebrate Halloween safely and effectively this year?

In order to safely celebrate Halloween, we must exercise safety precautions, even if it means staying indoors and at home. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) encourages everyone to stay at home during these unprecedented times. This is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as you are not coming into contact with other people, and vice-versa. 

But, at-home celebrations don’t mean that you can’t celebrate. You can participate in an online call with friends and family, carve pumpkins with family members, dress up at home, and so much more.

Pumpkin patches are still being held this year, of course social distancing and face masks are required but you can always take pictures at the pumpkin patch with friends and family (limit large gatherings.)

Trick-or-treating will probably be prohibited this year, but you can always leave out candy bowls instead of handing it out to children.

In Houston they are still holding Haunted houses such as this place called Phobia. The haunted house this year won’t be the exact same as the previous years because some things have gotten changed, but it is for your safety. There are less actors, social distancing, face masks are required or no entry, and you must stay 6 feet apart from other groups. On the bright side tickets are cheaper this year and pieces are reduced!

Another fun thing that you can do while staying safe is going to a drive in movie, on a rooftop downtown! There will be Halloween movie classics being shown and people will also be distanced from others.

If the stay-at-home option is not viable, it is important to realize that in-person gatherings are more likely to spread COVID-19. In-person gatherings should take place in precaution to the amount of cases within the area, and who attendees have come into contact with. Also, gatherings should be limited to smaller groups, located outdoors as the virus is more likely to spread indoors. Face-to-face celebrations should be for a rather short duration, with all attendees taking safety precautions like wearing protective face masks.

Each person should be wearing a mask, distancing themselves from others as much as possible, washing their hands, etc. But, before inviting people to celebrate, one must make sure that each person has been and will be taking proper precautions, and is not experiencing symptoms of the virus.

Whether you are celebrating at home or face-to-face, our community must follow precautions in order to protect ourselves and others around us from COVID-19. 

You can be festive and safe at the same time!