Mustangs Named to All-District Tennis Team

Shajid Hasan, Writer

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Sixteen Cy Ranch tennis players have been named to the All-District Tennis Team. Cy Ranch holds a spot in First Team in lines one through six in both Girls’ and Boys’ Singles teams, is First Team in both Girls’ and Boys’ Doubles teams. Assistant Coach Jack Davidson is very proud of the tennis team for making it so far.

“We’re a great team,” he said. “The very fact that we got so far is just amazing.”

Tennis players Dylan Payne, Varun Thacil, Arya Shetty, Ravi Ramireddy, Andrew Guzman, and Abhi Ramireddy were named to the Boys’ Singles First Team. Players Melissa LaMette, Malika Shetty, Ryan Heidenescher, Jessica Nelson, and Areebah Ahmad were named to the Girls’ Singles First Team, with Breane Katona given honorable mention.

Varun Thachil, Ravi Ramireddy, Dylan Payne, Andrew Guzman, Arya Shetty, and Abhi Ramireddy were named to the Boys’ Doubles team. The Girls’ Doubles First Team consisted of Melissa LaMette, Ryan Heidenescher, Breane Katona, Malika Shetty, Sofia Kern and Isabela Hadad.

“We practice a lot,” Davidson said. “We go to 4 o’clock everyday and 99 percent of everyone will go to private lessons right after for another hour. Tennis is their life.”

The All-District Team is a great honor to achieve, and this is the beginning of a year full of hard work, despite the fact that the team already works very hard.

“The fact that we got so many spots from a team made of mainly freshman and sophomores,” Davidson said. “Next year we might clench all spots pretty easily.”

The All-District Team will be active in the spring semester.

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