Sophomore Wins Miss Katy’s Outstanding Teen

Shajid Hasan, Writer

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Sophomore Bailey Stark was crowned Miss Katy’s Outstanding Teen in the Miss Katy pageant on Monday, Oct. 26. The Miss Katy pageant is a contest in which young women are evaluated on the basis of their talents, intelligence, and charm. The fact that Stark won the contest shows that she exhibits these three qualities, plus the ability to be humble.

Stark’s initial reaction to winning the crown was shock, as she didn’t expect to score so high. She was very surprised at the rankings as the other contestants were also very good.

“I was definitely shocked, and I wasn’t expecting it,” Stark said. “But, I was so stoked when I did earn it because I knew I could make a big impact.”

The contest consisted of an evening gown, fitness, and talent evaluations, as well as questions from the judges. Stark had prepared for a couple days before this contest and had no idea that she would win the crown.

“I figured out I was going to the Pageant a few day before the contest so I was very unprepared,” Stark said. “Because I had to prepare in such little time, I had to work a lot harder than the others to even stand a chance.”

Stark prepared a lot in the very short time she had. She had to get her evening gown and talent performance done in order to even stand a chance in the contest. Despite these challenges, she still managed to keep her cool during the entire pageant and didn’t break concentration once.

“Some people may find it hard,” said Stark. “But I don’t find it hard because you just have to be yourself and as long as you’re not faking anything, you should be fine.”

Stark ran on a platform of cultural diversity. When the judges asked what is needed in today’s society, Stark was over-prepared for the question as she strives daily to achieve cultural diversity. Stark explains skillfully and elegantly why cultural diversity is needed in our society.

“It’s very important because you need people to intertwine more,” Stark said. “It’s important to relate to others as it makes you more human than if you don’t care about others.”

Stark hopes to make a big impact on the world for the better through encouraging cultural diversity. She hopes to learn how to do more through her numerous clubs, which have helped her to be a better person.

“[My clubs] have taught me the values we need as human beings, like community service and it will hep you a lot in the long run,” Stark said.

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