Soccer Fundraiser Raises Hundreds

Shajid Hasan, Writer

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During the Cy Ranch vs. Cy-Fair soccer game in February, two soccer players took advantage of the competition season for a unique opportunity. The soccer team held a fundraiser during the game, raising over 400 dollars and accumulating eight bins filled with non-perishable items and cleaning supplies that went towards Boys and Girls Country, an organization that helps children in need of support during family crises. The fundraiser was managed by freshman soccer players Brody Conely and Luke Mason, and assisted by Coach Garcia and the rest of the soccer team in order to raise money and supplies for this wonderful cause.

“We wanted to help out in the community,” Conely said. “They were in need of supplies, so we did the right thing and came in.”

The fundraiser was started because Boys and Girls Country has always been an underdog of fundraisers, with not a lot of support or attention being driven towards it. Conely and Mason simply wanted to drive more attention towards a worthwhile cause.

boys and girls country donations

The soccer fundraiser ended the day with large amounts of donations.

“They really needed the help and they don’t have as much support as other organizations,” Mason said. “That was the reason why we helped them instead of other causes as they really do deserve all the support they can get.”

During the fundraiser, Conely and Mason stood the entire time above the bleachers supporting Boys and Girls Country, as well as accepting both cash and material donations. It was definitely nerve-wracking, but both were determined to get the word out.

“We stood above the bleachers the entire time, but we had some friends with us and they helped us speak about Boys and Girls Country,” Conely said. “I was proud of how much support we got for Boys and Girls Country.”

The fundraiser was seen as a huge success and all proceeds have gone to Boys and Girls Country, and hopefully many more donations will go their way. You can support Boys and Girls Country at their website with donations.

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