Fine Arts Festival Bigger Than Ever

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The Fine Arts Festival, which swept into the auditorium and LGI on Apr. 14, displayed the very best of our Fine Arts departments. All students performed wonderfully in each of their presentations, all of them driven by the most dedicated members of their respective groups. Regardless of what class someone was in or how well their day was going, the displays of showmanship shown that day was extraordinary.

“I liked Fine Arts Festival because it was interesting to see all the variety we have at the school,” sophomore Aalia Babar said. “It was something I really enjoyed seeing what the school had to offer.”

The performers of the orchestra, choir, and band showed the best that they had to offer with the melodious sounds of their music. All of their UIL-approved performances stunned the school with their intricate and operatic rhythms and tones.

In the performing arts, there were the theatre and the Classics, both of which have won many awards for their performances. Their performances showed whimsy and emotion as they commanded the stage.

There was also a newer player on the block, as Debate showcased the essence of the event with a presentation done by the team. The entire charade was an hour of laughter and deep thought as the conversation went from the dictatorial regime of North Korea to princesses.

“We showcased our events with the best we had,” said sophomore debate member Dylan Hill. “I think the audience enjoyed our presentation, especially the little game at the end.”

Just like any other year, the Fine Arts Festival only gets better with age, with this year’s festival beating out last year’s by a landslide. The real question is, how will these fine arts groups outdo themselves next year?

“It makes something I like a lot more approachable to the masses,” said Hill. “It gives you a sense of accomplishment to be able to convince others to join this thing that you really enjoy.”

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