Fashion Show Steals the Night

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After a few cancellations and several delays, the fashion department’s second annual Fashion Show was finally shown on Tuesday, May 10. The show took the audience back through time as the clothing highlighted different decades. The show displayed an entire year’s work by fashion students, who began hand-designing clothing August.

“If this were to happen again, I would definitely go again,” model junior Andrea Lopez said. “It was a unique experience and the fashion students made some really good designs.”

Students not only had the responsibility to design and create a personal clothing brand, but also had to recruit models. Needless to say, it was a long process.

“It has taken the whole year,” junior Valeria Galipolia said. “We designed the clothes and made this work. It has taken a lot of time and patience.”

The recruited models strutted down the runway that was decked out in streamers and vintage décor. The designs were reminiscent of an older period, but kept a timeless and ethereal quality about all of the designs.

“I went back to the 1960s all the way today,” Galipolia said. “I made some casual and some formal designs, guys and girls both, to show off the elegance of the era.”

The process of getting this far was a stressful affair, as many drafts, redrafts, and designs were thrown out one after another. The student designers kept working to figure out the right designs in order to show off the best that the school has to offer.

“I wanted people to like my clothing,” junior designer Kim Luu said. “I wanted my name on something good, and something people would want to wear.”

All vintage-inspired designs worn by both girls and boys expressed the best trends throughout the history. Clothing items such as miniskirts, turtlenecks, and wedges were displayed during the show.

The show was also accompanied by the Cy Ranch drumline, a student singer, and a student dancer. Junior Taylor Warren not only modeled during the show, but also shared her talent of singing with a performance “Howl” by Florence + the Machine. In addition, junior Gloria Lee performed a hip-hop routine to entertain the crowd between walks.

The show was a massive success, with all designs being positively reviewed and having raised a lot of money for the fashion department. Ultimately, though, the student designers and models were given an experience they will never forget.

“I am proud of my clothes and of [the models],” junior Katrina Estrella said. “This was a fun but stressful experience. I would do it all over again though.”

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