Cy Ranch and the Starcatcher

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On Fri., Mar. 31, Cy Ranch Theatre finally had the chance to show off their One-Act Play, which has been in development since December 2016. “Peter and the Starcatcher” is the whimsical story of a younger Peter Pan and his adventures with Wendy. However, the magic of the performance is witnessed in the actual production rather than the script itself.

“We are doing really well, production-wise,” junior Morgan Simon said. “We had a lot of reviews and professional help which helped us make the play better.”

“We got a lot of good reviews,” senior Chance Jarvis said. “We did really well at zones and got some pretty high scores from judges.”

While choosing which play to perform for the UIL competition, the cast chose “Peter and the Starcatcher” with a bit of uncertainty. The play, unaltered, has a runtime of more than two hours and the maximum time for a one-act play is about 40 minutes. This required the Cypress Ranch directors to cut several scenes from the play. The issue with cutting scenes of “Peter and the Starcatcher” is that the play revolves around comedy which can be difficult to balance in a short performance. But despite the cautious aspects, the cast’s chance on the play has continually proved to be a fan favorite, worth all of the effort.

“In UIL, most people do dramatic shows, but we are doing a comedy,” Simon said. “It is very lighthearted, but I still think we stand out.”

“Peter and the Starcatcher” is truly an enjoyable treat, with its skillful acting and snappy tech work, the standout comedy definitely put the cast in the spotlight.

“We got a lot of laughs and raving over it so it is good to show everyone,” said Jarvis.

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