Spotlight: Key Club


With the school year off to a late start after Hurricane Harvey, many clubs and organizations are now beginning. Cypress Ranch Key Club has officially kicked off their 2017-2018 school year with their first meeting on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

Key club offers a variety of opportunities for all students at Cypress Ranch. This includes a way to give back to the community, learning new skills and meeting new people. Through Key Club students acquire experience that will help them throughout their future while making memories with fellow students. Also, students are able to receive volunteer hours while participating in club activities to put on college applications.

Through Key Club, you are not just apart of one community; you are part of an international organization consisting of 38 countries, with more than 270,000 members changing the world. Cypress Ranch is one of the largest participating schools – boasting over 500 members. Cypress Ranch Key Club is ranked ninth in the Texas-Oklahoma district containing numerous other districts and schools.

Key Club officers address members in a meeting before school.
Photo: Ranch Yearbook

Cypress Ranch Junior and key club officer Shravya Satish provides us with more information on her experience being in Key Club and popular questions about Key Club:

What is the main goal of Key club?

“Is to serve the local members of our community and beyond and to spread the joy of volunteering.”

What are some of the benefits of joining Key club?

“You get to participate in your local community, make new friends, obtain qualities of leadership and responsibility and understand values of a community.”

Is Key club as time consuming as some people think?

“No, Key club offers so many events that requirements are easy to achieve and you’ll want to do more.”

What is your overall experience in Key club?

“As an officer, I’ve learned leadership and communication skills and to really enjoy helping the community.”

What convinced you to become an officer?

“I wanted to influence the activities in Key club.”

Key club offers not only academic benefits, but abilities and memories you can use and look back at in your future after high school. You will become both active and involved in your school while having fun and helping the community.

To register for Key club, go to the link below: