Spotlight: Multicultural Society Club


Mindy Cho, Writer


Around the world, there are various cultures filled with complex dances, savory foods, and languages. We learn that everyone is unique in their own way, and everyone has a culture or background

In the year 2015, the Multicultural Society Club was started by a former Junior, Emily Bui. She began the club with determination to bring students who felt like the “black sheep” of the school together. The club has carried this motivation for two years and will continue.

Multicultural Society Club encourages students to embrace their culture and being different.

This is also a good gateway to begin with for foreign exchange students and new students entering Cypress Ranch High School. It allows students to adjust easily through socializing with other members in the club.

The club introduces different cultures through games, stories, and interesting facts. In the year of 2016, members played a game called musical chairs, but with a twist. Instead of the same song on repeat, songs in different languages – such as Korean pop or French hip hop – would play as players would walk around the circle of chairs. At the end of each round, members would guess the language of the song or go further by guessing the name. This frenzy-filled game gave members a mountain of laugh, bringing the club’s bond further together.

Multicultural Society Club meets twice a month (on the second and fourth Thursday), in Mrs. Dersch’s room.  The first meeting is scheduled for September 28th.

“My goal is to create an atmosphere where people can feel free to be who they are and learn to accept other cultures as well,” President of Multicultural Society Club, Katie Kim, said.  “Throughout the year, members may learn information about traditions and how other cultures live, but it’s the bonds that make Multicultural Society Club feel like a family. Hopefully, the officer team and I can build a second home, especially for foreign exchange students and those who feel like outcasts within our school.”