The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Aalia Babar and Grace Schlafer, Writers

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Harvey, the long-lived tropical nightmare, has come to a close, but its catastrophic impacts have left citizens struggling for months and years to come. Harvey started on the coast of Africa in early August, eventually forming into a category 5 hurricane (and deescalated to tropical storm) on August 17.

After island-hopping along the Caribbean with dry air and heavy winds, the remnants of Harvey moved to the Southwest Gulf Of Mexico and quickly became a category 4 hurricane.

The hurricane moved in a continuous round-about in the southern parts of Texas, hitting Houston, Port Lavaca, Rockport, Corpus Christi and many others with 130-100 mph winds.

The storm lasted 4 days, during which, people waited and watched as their homes and loved ones were affected.  Once Harvey had left, there was much havoc and wreckage placed on citizens and their property.

There were many people who were displaced, many of whose homes were flooded, and many who lost everything they owned due to Harvey.

Cypress Ranch Junior, Sehaj Preet Kaur, gives insight on what she was able to do help others in the aftermath of Harvey:

At what point did you decide that it was your job to help others during Hurricane Harvey?

“From the beginning because this is where I was born and grew up, and seeing your hometown being impacted in a negative way makes you want to do what you can.”

Did anyone in your immediate family get affected that impacted your decision to go out and volunteer?

“Gladly, no one in my family was affected by Hurricane Harvey, but there are other families that were, so that made me want to go out and volunteer.”

What will you take away from this event?

“The way how the whole community pulled together and everyone helped one another and brought each other up.”

What can others do to help out with the destruction of Hurricane Harvey?

“They can volunteer at the Houston Area Center, The George R. Brown Convention Center, and multiple churches around Houston and Cypress.”

Natural disasters are events we as humans cannot prevent from occurring, but we can help out those who have been affected at the following websites. These organizations aim to help the community and rebuild Houston after this horrible event:

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