Advice from Upperclassmen to Freshmen


Grace Schlafer, Writer

As the class of 2021 come into their first year of high school, many look to upperclassmen ( and some Sophomores), who have more experience than them – for advice on subjects such as classes, teachers, and schedules. Most upperclassmen are willing to help answer questions by Freshmen at Cypress Ranch, but what are some of their opinions when it comes to recommendations for Freshmen?

One of the first things Freshmen begin to struggle with when entering high school is time management. High school appoints harsher policies than middle school when it comes to turning in work on time.  To get used to these new deadlines, it is recommended that Freshman (and all students for that matter) stay organized with their schedule. Ashley Crawford, a Cypress Ranch Junior, advises, “do not procrastinate because it will catch up to you in the future.” When it comes down to final week before report cards, the fact is your grade will severely suffer if you binge watch that new series on Netflix rather than complete your work. The best advice is to stay on top of your assignments and turn them in on they day that they are due to receive total credit.

Another thing to keep in mind as a Freshman is that you are in high school and that everything you do does count, for better or worse.  You represent not only yourself, but Cypress Ranch as a whole.  As a Freshman, it is important to focus on your grades and lay the foundation for your GPA and class rank. The classes that you take as a Freshman do affect the future of your high school career. Kameron Boyd, a Cypress Ranch Senior, advises, “as a Freshmen, you should not slack off,  do worry about you academic classes, and take certain classes to help you prepare for your next three years of high school.” What you need to remember is to put your main core subjects at the top of your list of priorities.

Finally, high school scheduling can cause major changes in eating and sleeping habits, especially for Freshman who are not used to such strenuous deadlines. Although it is crucial to prioritize your academics, good physical health is required for  you to be focused during school.  Joseph Keiser, a Cypress Ranch Senior, suggests, “Go to bed on time because it is a lot easier to focus in school, and you don’t feel like crap the whole time.” It may be hard to accomplish all of your homework before 10:00 P.M and be able to get eight hours of sleep every night, but it is imperative that you stay aware of your personal health.

Overall, Freshman should realize that high school is the real deal and everything does count. Don’t blow off classes you think are “easy” or “not worth your time,” because they still are part of your total GPA. Just ensure that you stay determined.  Be certain that you will achieve your goals – whether personal or academic!