Spotlight: Stampede


Grace Schlafer, Writer

At several events and games over the year, Stampede has established their reputation of being loud and proud. From football games to school plays, Stampede keeps the spirit of Cypress Ranch alive by being supportive of everyone. They truly embrace the meaning of “Mustang Pride” everyday at Cypress Ranch.

Stampede is an organization composed of students in all grade levels here at Cypress Ranch. Their main purpose is to cheer on fellow Mustangs whether it be in athletics or in the arts. When you become a part of Stampede, you are able to see the diversity and the wide range of opportunities Cypress Ranch has to offer. In addition, Stampede can also allow you to meet new people and participate in school activities.

Alena Scotton, a Cypress Ranch Senior, officer and leader of poster committee for Stampede, tells us the true meaning of being part of such a vast organization:

Alena Scotton gets her face painted before our first game against Cy Falls on Friday, September 15. Photo: Ranch Yearbook

Why would you recommend Stampede to fellow students?

“It is a great way to get involved within the school, make new friends and support fellow Mustangs.”

What are some of the activities you take part in when joining Stampede?

“In Stampede, Mustangs rally together in the stands or on the sidelines to cheer for fellow students, and bring spirit to sporting events.”

What is the motto of Stampede?

“To stand as one with courage, strength, and honor; to hold Cypress Ranch in our hearts together.”

What do you enjoy most about being in Stampede?

“The atmosphere of games from and our student section.”

How has Stampede impacted you?

“I have met lots of people who have made an a huge impact on me, and shaped me into who I am today, all while on the sidelines.”

Overall, Stampede is a way for you to be a part of the spirit at Cypress Ranch. Through this club you will not only become more active with new people, but you’ll be able to make memories from experiences you create with them. You will also learn the true meaning of school spirit.

If you are interested of being apart of Stampede, see Miss Wiggins in Room 1305 for more information.