Team Spotlight: Cheerleading


Grace Schlafer, Writer

The Cheerleaders have been keeping the spirit of the Mustang Nation alive since the beginning of the school year. They keep the crowd involved and roaring – holding up the energy of games and rallies, no matter what the circumstances may be. They represent the true meaning of school pride.

The cheerleaders are constantly working to improve their technique and maintain their stamina (which is needed to have the endurance for long games). The dedication of these students extends into every aspect of their lives.

“Cheer is really time consuming; we spend hours making signs for games,” said Lexi Angelica, a Varsity Cheerleader.

During practice and rehearsal, many memories are made. Teammates often have close bonds with one another, developed from being around each other for many hours. Cheerleading allows members to learn new and different skills, along with crating close friendships.

“Lots of memories are made here, and I’m going to miss the Friday night lights after I graduate,” said Varsity Cheerleaders Madison Kippes and Kassidy Ouelgonne.

From left to right: Madison Kippes, Lexi Angelica, Kassidy Ouelgonne

Samantha Beatty, a Cypress Ranch senior, Varsity Cheer member and an All-American cheerleader provides us with an inside perspective on cheerleading:

How has Cheerleading impacted your life?

“Cheerleading has impacted my life in a positive way, because it has given me a lot of discipline and a way to get to know new people who come from different backgrounds.”

What is one thing you want others outside of cheerleading to know about the sport?

“Its a lot harder than it looks. We practice year-round, and it takes a lot of commitment and time to develop the skills a cheerleader requires.”

Describe one defining moment you had in cheerleading.

“When I landed my standing full. I never thought I would be able to do it, and it was something I have wanted to achieve ever since I was young.”

Do you plan on continuing cheerleading after high school?

“I plan on continuing cheerleading in college; hopefully at Hawaii Pacific University.” 

Samantha Beatty at the Football game against Cy Springs on Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cheerleading demonstrates that with true passion and devotion, anyone will be able to achieve their goals. It allows participants to gain skill and experience for the future. Our cheerleaders eat, sleep and breath cheerleading – working hard to bring school spirit to everyone at Cypress Ranch.

Photos: Grace Schlafer