Op-Ed: Why Homecoming is Overrated


Mindy Cho, Writer

I get it. The student body needs homecoming. With holiday season around the corner, Mustang Nation needs to come together and have a chance to bond with one-another. I just wish it didn’t involve loud, bright, fake flowers and expensive suits and dresses.

Spirit Week:

Dressing up in silly outfits is a great way to keep up with school spirit until the game. All of these interesting costumes are made with little-to-immense effort. Either way, the last day is the most anticipated dress up day: Spirit Day.

Spirit Day Friday is where students dress in Mustang spirit wear with mums and garters. Many students spend fists full of money on this tradition by embellishing their mums with glitter, ribbons, lights, bells, and other eye-catching items. However, some students find this incredibly annoying. All of the over-sized mums, glittery mess, noisy bells, blinding lights, frizzy feathers, and other ridiculous additions are distractions in a school environment.

“Mums suck,” Aalia Babar said, “I get everything’s bigger in Texas, but this is still bad for a school environment. All I hear are bells, bells, and bells! The fact that there are feathers, bells, and obnoxious, glittery ribbon… Bleh. I shouldn’t have to work around these things in the education environment.”


The Homecoming Dance is possibly the most anticipated event in high school. But why is it called a dance?

Many students throw loads of cash away for expensive dresses, fine suits, and other pricey items for this one-day event. Nobody actually dances at the dance, making it just a costly party with terrible music filled with lovey-dovey couples and awkward zombies who just came to chat and gulf down some free food.

Maybe homecoming isn’t meant for people like me, but that’s OK. I caught some nice, much-need z’s this weekend. I also got some quality studying in.