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Thoughts on Mod Pizza

February 9, 2018

Founded in 2008, Mod Pizza’s goal is to provide customers with quick, affordable pizza. The Mustang Messenger staff decided to meet up at our local location on Sunday, February 4, for a quick bite. Here are our thoughts:


Mod Pizza offers a select menu including signature pizzas and salads. There are a few side options as well. The most popular choice is customizing your own personal pizza or salad with unlimited toppings. I was able to taste one of several signature pizzas at Mod – the “Dillon James.” This particular pizza offers a limited amount of toppings (garlic, Asiago cheese, tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil). While not terrible, the cheese overpowers the other flavors. As with most pizza, this much cheese can make quite the mess – especially when dealing with multiple toppings.

Aside from my pizza, I tasted a few of the signature in-house beverages. Both the blackberry lemonade and ice tea are decadent and light – providing a great complement to your meal at Mod as they balance the savory flavor of both the pizza and salad.

Food is a craft, which requires both time and dedication to be of the upmost quality. The idea of having a fast pace setting is great, and Mod Pizza strikes an interesting balance between speed of service and quality of ingredients.


The setting at Mod Pizza is very relaxed, but their service doesn’t miss a beat. Mod pays close attention to their customer’s needs, and responds to quickly and politely. Our local location is always clean and swept. It’s hard not to note how attentive and kind the staff is.


The leisurely atmosphere of Mod Pizza makes it a great place to grab a bite with a couple of friends. It’s the ideal recreational location for a Friday night. There’s a great outdoor space to eat and socialize, and their music playlist is always on point.


Although the average pizza at Mod is less than ten dollars, I was left wanting a little more bang for my buck (a common complaint for any pizza joint). An average pizza at Mod is eleven inches in diameter, and sells for about eight dollars. This is close to the size of a medium pizza anywhere else.

Mod Pizza serves mainly thin crust, which is (generally) healthier, but some may find it less filling when compared to other options. However, there is the “mega crust” option, which essentially doubles the thickness of your crust for an extra charge.

Mod Pizza aims to serve at rapid speed. It’s great for those times when you’re in a hurry, but don’t want fast food. Its unique style and speed of service makes Mod Pizza one of the most popular pizza joints around town.