Club Spotlight: Art Club


Mindy Cho, Writer

Art Club is among many clubs at Cypress Ranch which students should consider joining. Not everyone has to be the next Picasso or Michelangelo to join the club.

Art Club invites all students who enjoy art, and allows them to share their work without judgement or stigma. It is a community of people with similar interests, which allows students to make new friends.

“The main goal of Art Club is to create a community of artists and to get to know more people,” Art Club President Jarea Fang says.

The club introduces creative art activities for all members. One of the activities is the puzzle piece project – where each member is given their own puzzle piece cutout, then draw on it. After all members are finished, the whole club connects their pieces what comes out is often surprising.

Art Club meets in room 1881 every other Thursday.

The club also provides useful information for anyone interested in pursuing in art for the future through introducing various art schools and careers.

“This club made me a better leader and improved my public speaking skills,” Fang says. “I couldn’t have done it without the support of others.”

Art Club grants students the opportunity to exercise and improve their skills, all while providing memories they can look back on after high school.

For anyone interested in joining, Art Club meets up twice a month, on the second and fourth Thursdays, in Mrs. Offutt’s room, room 1881.