Club Spotlight: Photo Society


Grace Schlafer , Writer

Since the beginning of the school year, members of the Cypress Ranch Photography Society have been working and inspiring one another to become better photographers. They continue to promote self expression through photography.

The organization invites anyone who has an interest in photography to join.  In the society, you are able to share your ideas, get information on new techniques, and meet new people with the same passion. In addition to their meetings on campus during the week, the Photography Society also provides opportunities to go on outings (usually on weekends) to practice the art and spend time with fellow members.

“We all take photography seriously,” senior and photo officer Jacob Davis says. “It is always a lot of fun being surrounded by great people who share your interests.”

Students critique each others work during class, offering suggestions and developing their own sense of style.

“In Photo Society, you get to meet new people you might not normally see in your other classes,” junior Heather Gondesen says.

Some of the perks of being in Photo Society include access to equipment for developing film, printing in the dark room, as well as editing and printing digital images. You are able to create pieces, in a secure environment, alongside people who are there to support you in the process.

Prints are put on display in the main hallway every-so-often, giving students a chance to share their work with others.

“You get to learn about yourself when you explore different viewpoints through photography,” senior Brolando Broadhead says. “It helps you understand what kind of artist you want to be.”

Photo Society meets every other Tuesday, after school, in room 1860 from 2:50 pm to 3:30 pm. Questions about joining can be answered by the Society’s sponsor, Mr. Neumann, in room 1860.