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Mr. Mustang 2018

January 30, 2018

The eighth annual Mr. Mustang competition was held on Thursday, January 25, 2018. The event hosted a huge crowd of parents, faculty members and a large portion of the student body – eager to be entertained by the lighthearted competition and find out who would become Mr. Mustang.

Mr. Mustang started as a way to bring the senior student body together, and has evolved into a popular event including all of the student body at Cypress Ranch. The competition features Mustang senior men (escorted by Mustang senior women), as they participate in events (usually) associated with beauty pageants – competing in the categories of swim, talent, and formal wear.


Trenton Hoyt and Victoria Dang preform during the swim category as mermaids.

Matt McClure and Maggie Lucas as scuba divers.


Brighton Lucas preforming” My Heart Will Go On” from the movie “Titanic” by Celine Dion on the recorder.

Morgan Simon preforming a western version of a ballet.


Jakki Posada and Chandler Price walking down the stage during Formal Wear.

Anthony Macotto escorted by Madeline Gaul during Formal wear.

Mr. Mustang forges bonds between the participants, who are sure to treasure these moments together before graduation in the spring.

“My favorite moment was when ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ came on in the dressing room,” senior Ryan Murphy says. “We all sang to the lyrics and had a great time.”

Without the support of the student body, faculty, staff and parents, Mr. Mustang wouldn’t have been nearly as great as it was. That support was felt by the participants as they took to the stage.

“Being able to experience the excitement and support from everyone was my favorite highlight,” senior Brett Nelsoney says.

When all was said and done, the new and strengthened friendships were the real prize for most who participated.

“Being able to see the different side to all of the these guys and girls was very fun.” senior Chandler Price says.

The result for the competition came to:

Mr. Mustang: Grant Deyoe

Grant Deyoe winning Mr. Mustang 2018.

1st Runner Up: Johnathan Thomas

2nd Runner Up: Dawson McCarthy

Best Eyes: Collin Fedor

Best Biceps: Grant Deyoe

Best Smile: Anthony Macotto

Mr.Congeniality: Ryan Murphy

Most Creative Swimwear: Johnathan Thomas

Best Talent: Grant Deyoe

Best Formal Wear: Dawson McCarthy

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