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Note by Note: Cypress Ranch Orchestra

February 22, 2018

Through the decade, the Cypress Ranch Orchestra has been improving and expanding. Orchestra offers many students a chance to express themselves through music while in a secure environment. Students in Cypress Ranch Orchestra are devoted musicians that seek to further develop their craft.

Musicians in orchestra have spent years evolving and learning how to configure their minds to process music, all while performing classic and contemporary pieces. They dedicate their time, both inside and outside of school, to practicing their instruments. Their persistence and commitment has allowed them to accomplish many things both as individuals and as a group.

“Being a part of orchestra has made me learn to become a better musician, because we put so many hours into it,” junior Symphony Orchestra member Annie Dao said. “It has given me both self-confidence and a positive mindset.”

Through orchestra, students are a part of a team only operates when all of its participants are cooperative with one another. Working together on a daily basis – the musicians in orchestra create strong bonds and are fully supportive of each other.

“I have found my second home in orchestra,”  junior Symphony Orchestra member Vinitha Komaragiri said. “Everyone in orchestra is like family, because we all share the same devotion to music.”

Not only does orchestra provide a place for students to create, innovate and pursue music; it also instills traits in students that will stay with them throughout their lives. Being a part of orchestra has given many memories to many students at Cypress Ranch. The Mustang Orchestra continues to show us that virtuosity still has a place in education.