Health Sciences Helps Mustangs Prepare for a Career in the Medical Field

April 26, 2018

There are many, many reasons for students to be curious about entering the medical field. Cypress Ranch High School offers a Health Science Clinical Rotations Program (commonly referred to as Health Sciences) – a two-hour, blocked class which gives students a chance to experience what it would be like to work in an actual hospital environment with peers.

There are only two, blocked classes for Health Sciences (1st – 4th period), and the program holds a maximum of 40 students.

In order to be accepted into the Health Sciences program, a student must take (and pass) the Principles of Health Science exam (PHS) and complete the application process.  Students who are not accepted into the program can still follow the path into medicine by taking science-related classes like Pathophysiology, Forensics or Anatomy/Physiology. Students can also join clubs like HOSA.

After receiving the acceptance letter, students must meet the requirements to remain in the program, like wearing those red scrubs twice a week for hospital visits.

The Health Sciences program offers great opportunity and insight for people interested in the medical field.

**The Mustang Messenger has reached out to representatives from the Cypress Ranch Health Science program, but has yet to hear back. This story was written on April 12 and scheduled to run on the following Monday. Since we still haven’t heard back, we decided to run the story without quotes. We will update this story should we hear from a Health Science representative.**