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Shyheem Says: Scoring at Life

September 6, 2018

To experience excellence is to experience success. Success can come from anything – skill, talent, perseverance, determination or anything in between.

Once a goal is completed, a person will feel proud of themselves for what makes him/her unique and special in the world. This can happen in sports; schoolwork; earning a job, car, or trophy; taking care of any type of work without issue; or even gaining an internet following.

I am motivated by success – trying to keep my game in line, because we all know the slightest problem can lead to great distress. A lot of the time, however, it seems that everyone gets things right and perfect all the time, and it’s fine to only make a mistake once.┬áBut when life becomes this intense, people will, eventually, start to stray from success and never feel great at anything. We all have the chance to taste success, but we have to allow ourselves to make mistakes.

Success is for anybody who cares about their life enough to chase it. How we choose to live is personal, but we should all give our best effort and be willing to score one day at a time.

Shyheem Shabazz: Writer, gamer, watcher of media, all-around awesome. Every week, The Mustang Messenger will bring you his column – “Shyheem Says.”
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