Advice for Incoming Freshman

September 7, 2018

New year, new students. There are many new freshmen coming in this year – all from different middle schools across the district. When most people were freshmen, they were nervous about entering high school. So, I will be giving advice to CRHS’ incoming Freshman. I interviewed one of them, Liza Bailey.

As a freshman, going into high school can be very intimidating. Our school has three times the number of students than there normally are in middle school. There are a lot of new faces to get used to, but you will be able to do this. After a while, you just get used to being in high school. That includes all the new faces, (some) strict teachers, many different hallways, etc.

I was most nervous about how the day would pan out, who would be in my classes, who I would sit with, how I’d get to my classes, and having to meet new people,” Liza Bailey says.

The first few weeks of high school are quite intimidating, but don’t worry, in the end everything works out. You will find your group of friends and get used to the big school.

There are things that a freshmen would want to know from an upperclassman – someone who has more experience than them. Socializing would definitely be one of them. It can be very disappointing the moment you find out that you don’t have a class with one of your friends, whom you were looking forward to hanging out with. You’ll have to accept it when something like that happens and hang out with your friends during the weekend, because there’s too many students in this school to always have a class with your friend. You’ll have to introduce yourself to people and get used to being with people you don’t know.

“I guess I just want to know how to deal with the social aspect of it. I honestly feel like I go to a different school than some of my friends who I have no classes/lunch with,” Bailey says.

A class that everyone is required to take (mostly freshmen) is PACE. PACE is aimed towards teaching students how to exceed in high school and have a career plan. Many students find PACE to be… well, PACE. Some will tell you it’s a free “A.” However, many find it useful depending on whether or not you know what you want to do in high school/with your career.

“My most favorite subject – Human Geography. Least favorite – (so far) PACE,” Bailey says.

Middle school or high school, which is better? It seems as if most freshmen were coming in and expecting to have a lot more freedom. You definitely do have more, but with the new rules CFISD has enforced,  it doesn’t feel like a huge difference anymore. The classes are bound to be harder and you will feel more pressured, since you didn’t have to worry about keeping a GPA in middle school.

“I liked middle school. It was easier. I saw my friends everyday, and it was overall less gloomy. I think I expected more freedom in high school, but it wasn’t that much more,” Bailey says.

High school is an unique experience, and once these years are gone you can’t get them back. Don’t worry too much, and enjoy the time you have now!