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Mario Kart Mobile Version Review

October 11, 2019

The new Mario Kart has released on mobile instead of being released on a directly Nintendo device. As odd as it is, this participation in broader spectrum for players is a very refreshing take for the company. This installment of Mario is called Mario Kart Tour and it’s becoming the biggest craze on the mobile game market, already hitting 90 million downloads in its first week and people are still downloading it as you read this article! Although this is a shocking turnout for a Mario Kart game by Nintendo, people are loving the new alternative to enjoy this game. You can enjoy it anywhere at any time, as the “console” you need is right there in your pocket. The game has very simple controls that you can alter to your liking, you can simply slide your finger across the screen, tilt your phone to turn, or go for the harder, yet more rewarding, drift controls. The game allows you to race at your pace and gather up points by drifting, using items and certain kart parts and characters can earn you extra point multipliers to better your score! Although this is very different from what most are used to for Mario Kart, you have to give credit to Nintendo for being geniuses and allowing us the freedom to play a game we enjoy without having to be at home or have to carry your Nintendo Switch/Nintendo DS.  The only downside to playing on a phone is that the slightest nudge or missed touch can really mess you up, as well as the drifting system being very tough to handle.

The game, albeit very entertaining, can run dry as you continue to figure out the controls and mechanics, as each level feels the same as the last. Along with repetitive progress, multiplayer has yet to be added to the game, as such makes every other racer is an AI used in the classic 50-200CC races. Many anticipate the addition of multiplayer, as people will have true competition and goals to complete among their friends and family. Many hope that there will be a ranking system embedded online so that many people can race and climb through the ranks to become the #1 kart racer in the world. The competitions and advances in this game can definitely turn it into one of the most competitive racers on Earth, that said, it should remain catered to many of those who simply play it for fun or to pass time. Making this competition could ruin many casual player’s experience and as a casual myself, I hope it remains fun and simple instead of turning into a game purely for hardcore players.

Players around the world await the updates and changes the game will undergo throughout the days, months and eventually years to come. Overall, Mario Kart’s fun is a 5/10 as the game will be fun for the first couple of hours and slowly dry out as you realize there are set amounts of levels and customization that you can earn. However, people still love it beyond what is on the surface and have loved it since the minute it dropped. Replay-ability is a 6/10, as the many levels and added multiplayer will make it even more enticing to play once again. Controls are an 8/10, simply for how easy it is to pick up and understand within a matter of minutes. In the end, if you haven’t given Mario Kart Tour a try, you need to as quickly as possible to see if it’s worth your spare time.