Mustang Munchies Food Review: Torchy’s Tacos

September 28, 2018

This week on Mustang Munchies, Jason and Brandon eat at Torchy’s Tacos with their buddies, Clay Summerford and Loudan Vines. Tune in every other week for your Mustang Munchies fix – where we review the most popular food spots around Cypress!


Torchy’s Tacos does an amazing job of creating great, fresh tacos and fajitas, which is unheard of in the Cypress area. When you come into the restaurant, you order at the counter after waiting in line, then pick your seat in either a booth or table. The waiters bring you your food quickly.

The best item, in the opinion of Jason and Brandon, is Torchy’s amazing Queso dip that comes with a spicy drizzle on top – that when mixed in, greatly enhances the flavor. The beef fajitas are also an amazing item to order at Torchy’s, and will not disappoint.


The service at Torchy’s is quick and simple. They give you a sensor so that employees can easily find your table and deliver your food. The cashiers and wait staff are friendly, and welcome you into their establishment. Your food comes out hot and fresh!


Torchy’s Tacos welcomes you into a warm, welcoming environment with modern decor and a charismatic atmosphere. The restaurant promotes fun eating, and with a place that serves tacos, the atmosphere and food blend together perfectly.


Torchy’s Tacos is the perfect place to catch up with friends and to get a fast, but tasty bite.

Munch Meter Rating: 8/10