Funds 4 Florence: Red Cross Raffle Ticket Fundraiser

October 10, 2018

The Cypress Ranch Red Cross Club is contributing to the Texas Gulf Coast Region Red Cross fundraiser. But what exactly is the fundraiser for, and how can you win money?

The Texas Gulf Coast Region Red Cross is hosting a fundraiser and the Cypress Ranch Red Cross Club would like you to participate. People and schools from all over the region have the opportunity to submit a raffle ticket for the fundraiser. The “Funds 4 Florence” fundraiser proceeds will go towards Hurricane Florence relief.

In the raffle, participants pay for tickets and the tickets are submitted into a drawing. The three winners will be announced at the Red Cross Fall Social and at the following Red Cross Club meeting. The three winners of the raffle will receive a portion of the money raised, no strings attached.

For example, if $2000 is raised, the winner will receive an estimated amount of $200. Ticket submissions are being accepted until November 16th and tickets are $3 for one raffle ticket, or $5 for two raffle tickets.

Anybody – whether a member of the Red Cross Club or not – is allowed to participate. You may come by Ms. Ratliff’s room (1168) after school or during a Red Cross Club meeting (every other Tuesday!) to buy a raffle ticket or two.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ms. Ratliff at [email protected] or the Red Cross Club President at [email protected] We hope you participate!