League of Legends’ Ten Year Anniversary

November 7, 2019

League of Legends is a top down multiplayer online battle arena that includes 145 different characters with their own unique moves and play styles, with another character being released soon! Variety is the spice of life, and I assure you, this game has plenty. Beyond characters there are 175 items that can boost your character to be stronger and make the possibilities of each character.

The game has come an incredibly long way since the flow of time. Stronger servers and graphic capacity has helped it evolve into the masterpiece that it is today. Ten years from October 29, 2009 the game was initially released and looked like something fresh off of the (play-station 2) and was originally by a different name, “Clash Of Fates.” The game was still revolutionary since then as the game featured newer ways to play a game that got incredible influence from Warcraft and it’s player created game mode, “Defense of the ancients.” It featured a game-mode where it would be five on five fights to destroy a crystal in the enemy base whilst defending your own. This idea is the basis of League of Legends’ game-play and led to a massive centralization of this simple idea, yet convoluted by new ideas and much greater variety for the players. 

Though League of Legends has been around for such a long time, you can hardly say it’s the same as it was before as the creators regularly update it with patches and major seasonal changes to keep the game feeling newer than it was last week. These seasons revolve around the LCS seasons in which teams around the world battle for the trophy and prove that they are the best in the world. As these seasons end, new ideas come forth. These include elemental dragons to help your team in game, environmental change such as rain with a water dragon and scorched earth with a fire dragon.

As well as changing the map and flow of the game, they have updates for older characters, sometimes making them something completely new and giving people something to look forward to in the next patch. As small as said changes may seem, they have a major impact based on how you as a player can use them to your advantage. Victory is the end goal of each and every player, making the 15-35 minute game feel rewarding and a relief that this battle is over and many more are soon to come. 

League has a very great dedication to it’s player base. They give players new cosmetics, sales for said cosmetics and sales for characters, new events with new rewards and even take their opinion as to what they would like to see added to the game over others. This is easily one of the best qualities of league’s developers, Riot Games, as it allows the community be reassured that they still care for the opinions of players and even weigh theirs in along with pro player opinion.

Though the game is on the verge of major change with the current season ending on November 19th, there is no better time to start playing than now. The time to fully understand can be overbearing, but by the time you fully understand, you will be well ready to face everyone in your path. Progression is tough, yet can prove rewarding with the many small gifts you receive when you start a new account. Feel free to begin your new adventure among the rift and among players around the world, as only you can make the decision to make the climb from the lowest of the low to the greatest players of all time.