Critters at the Ranch

November 1, 2018

Since the beginning of the school year, students have been noticing crickets around school. You could hear them chirping through the ceilings and see random crickets being splattered throughout the hallways.

Pest control stopped by only a few weeks ago to get rid of these pesky insects. Although we no longer have to worry about the obnoxiously loud crickets, it seems as if we have ourselves a new problem.

Rodents. Specifically, mice. That’s right, students have been observing these little mammals all across campus. They have been most frequently seen in the fine arts, English and social studies classrooms. So, beware of any gray furries randomly popping up behind you in the middle of class.

One question that arises in a situation like this is: Crickets or mice, which is ultimately worse? Which one would we much rather prefer to deal with during our long and tiresome day at school?

Students weigh in:

“I dislike crickets more. They are loud and annoying. Plus they can jump into your mouth and then you will die choking on them,” sophomore Jasmine Flores says.

Like Jasmine, many students feared for the worst when it came to those despicable bugs. It seems as if even mice are more welcomed at the Ranch than crickets were. Let’s look at the positives of this all… At least it’s not rats.

When it comes to mice, many students appear to think of our new guests as cute and not frightening at all. After all, spotting a mouse every now and then doesn’t seem too bad to the most of us.

“It adds a nice little surprise to your day,” sophomore Addison Reid says.

And that it does. Regardless of whether mice or crickets are currently infesting the school, one thing’s for sure: pest control exists for a reason. Before long, our school’s nickname may need to be altered to “Ranch Rodents.”