Mustang Munchies Food Review: Potbelly Sandwich Shop

October 25, 2018

This week on Mustang Munchies, Jason and Brandon eat at Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

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Potbelly Sandwich Shop does a great job of keeping pace with the people, while also making sure you get a tasty sandwich.

Jason and Brandon tried the new cheese steak sandwiches, and they actually tasted a lot better than expected!

Potbelly’s two signature cheese steak sandwiches are the main attraction.

You can choose between provolone cheese or Kraft cheese whiz to have on your cheese steak. Jason and Brandon chose provolone and the meat-to-cheese ratio was pretty spot on.

Not only are the cheese steak sandwiches good, but so are the milkshakes. The milkshakes at Potbelly taste great and are on par with a Wendy’s frosty when it comes to richness.

The shakes at Potbelly are the real deal.


The ordering booth is similar to Subway where you can choose extra topping you want and order your meal.

The staff at Potbelly are friendly and welcoming. They are patient and work with you on what you’d like to eat.


The decor at Potbelly is very bombastic and catches your eye when you walk in. This definitely wasn’t the highlight of the place, but still a nice touch.

It doesn’t have the most unique atmosphere, but it Potbelly gets the job done.

Munch Meter Rating: 7/10

Potbelly is a good place to get a milkshake/sandwich and to hang out with friends.