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Op-Ed: Top-5 Predicted Trends of New York Fashion Week 2019

February 11, 2019

New York Fashion Week runs from Friday, February 8th through Saturday, February 16th; and is filled with fabulous, crazy runways for the 2019 Fall/Winter season. Top designers are showcasing their most recent work with celebrities watching, using their strong influence to bring new crazes into the world. Here are my predictions of trends you’ll see on the catwalk or the streets during the week (in no particular order):

Plastic Vinyl 

During Paris Fashion Week for the Fall/Winter 2018 season, there was an obsession with iridescent clothing, but for this year I foresee that designers will go completely transparent. Clear clothes, like jackets and raincoats, are already becoming more and more known for their controversial, yet somewhat stylish modern look. The glass-like material might be here to stay.

Trench Coats

For chilly weather, the necessity is a large trench coat. The iconic staple has been around for centuries and will continue on.  Always representing prestige and class, the long and buttoned coat was meant for high-ranking military officers, but quickly transcended into the fashion world. There have been various versions throughout time but the coat still keeps its shape, and that will not change this year.

Over-sized Clothing 

Bigger is better. As large, lazy attire becomes more recognized in the public for their comfortable chic, more designers have taken notice. Breathable and “flowable” are the new desires of the public. For example, luxury brands like Balenciaga and Vetements have recently created over-sized hoodies, coats, and blazers to suit the cozy preference of the people.

Earth Colors and Tones 

It’s the color that sets the mood. For the week, I anticipate shades of nature will serve as inspiration for designers. Mostly dark and light browns, greens, oranges and reds — like the leaves in the fall. Similar color palettes have been used during past fashion weeks, too.

Rough Textures 

Another important artistic element is texture. I speculate velvet, ruffles, and lace will become hugely popular because of the added component that gives the fabric a special touch. Many designers last year used countless textures and patterns, giving each piece a unique statement.

To see if my predictions are right, go to Harper Bazaar’s Best Looks of NYFW Fall 2019 .