Mustang Munchies Food Review: Zero Degrees

March 1, 2019

For this segment of Mustang Munchies, I went to the hot and spicy Zero Degrees. Here is my review of the establishment:


The Asian-Hispanic fusion snack bar offers a variety of food and drinks, ranging from milkshakes to chicken wings. I ordered the popular salt and pepper popcorn chicken with fries. The chicken was seasoned well and had a crispy outer shell. If you order it spicy, you will definitely feel the heat. The fries were crispy, thin, and garlic flavored, but you can order the Cajun fries for a southern taste.

I also ordered the Matcha Horchata, which was a unique combination of matcha powder and cinnamon. It had an interesting aesthetic (a green Ombré color) and the flavors worked well together, leaving a sweet taste. The drinks will surely compliment the savory side of the menu.


The cashiers are very nice and will recommend their favorites if you have a tough time choosing what to order. There is a separate pick up counter and the waiting time isn’t long. They offer free wi-fi, so you can sit comfortably while waiting.


The interior has a rustic feel to it. The wooden tables and metal chairs give you a sense of simplicity; but the restaurant also has modern touches, like big glass windows, white tiles and counters. There is also a patio to enjoy the upcoming warm weather outside and sip your ice-cold drink.


Zero Degrees is located on 11510 Barker Cypress Rd., which is short drive from campus.  It’s open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM on weekdays, making it a good place to hang out with friends to get a quick bite.

Munch Meter Rating: 8/10

For a full list of Zero Degrees’ offerings, head to their official website and menu.