The purpose of advertising is to raise money for the Mustang Messenger by bringing the buyer and seller together, thus making it a vital part of school publications.

Advertisements on the site are in side-column format. The size is 3×3 inches. Currently, this is the only available size for ads.

Below are the available ad options.

ad prices

To purchase an advertisement, either print out the advertising form (here) and deliver it to the front desk of Cypress Ranch High School (10700 Fry Rd, Cypress, TX 77433) or scan and email it to [email protected]

If you will provide your own ad, email it in .jpeg format to [email protected] along with your completed advertising form. If you want the staff to create your ad, send your instructions to [email protected] (for more information on our ad-making policies, see below).

Advertising Policies

  • The Mustang Messenger reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that makes reference to products, services, substances, paraphernalia, or behavior that are illegal to minors or deemed inappropriate by the Cypress Ranch and CFISD guidelines.
  • All ads are subject to review by the adviser and editor staff. The Mustang Messenger staff reserves the right to modify any image that  may be unsuitable for the website, including if it:
    • Is too pixelated or blurry
    • Has awkward or inappropriate placing of objects or images
    • Has spelling, grammatical, or general syntax errors
    • Is not aesthetically pleasing or easy to read (i.e. has severely contrasting colors, has small or difficult-to-read font, and/or has poorly used or blurry images)
  • Advertisements are not necessarily an endorsement of the Mustang Messenger staff or CFISD.

Ad-Making Policy

  • The Mustang Messenger staff will create an ad for you at an additional cost of $15. If you wish to utilize this service, please send your directions for the ad to [email protected] Include the information you wish to be used in the ad and any restrictions or recommendations.
  • If you wish to use an ad of your own making, please send the ad in .jpeg format to [email protected]. The Mustang Messenger staff reserves the right to modify any image received (see above).