2017-2018 Staff

Mindy Cho


Mindy Cho is a junior at Cypress Ranch High School. As an art enthusiast, she enjoys guiding her brush and watching colors blossom on a white canvas. Some of her hobbies include writing and reading, preferably with a nice cup of hot chocolate....

Grace Schlafer


Grace Schlafer is a Junior at Cypress Ranch who has been part of Journalism for two years. She enjoys photography, wake boarding, cooking, fitness, and writing. Her styles of writing include interviews, Q and A's and short story articles.

Aalia Babar


Hello! I am Aalia Babar and I am a senior. My whole life consists of stories. Whether it's through my writing, the leather bindings of great novels or the stiff bristles of my paint brush gliding on a canvas. This year I hope to unleash my creativity by gaining new skills and adding accomplishments to...

Shajid Hasan


Shajid Hasan is a Senior at Cypress Ranch High School.